VCOM D1651 RJ45 Module Plug Cat6
  • VCOM D1651 RJ45 Module Plug Cat6
VCOM D1651 RJ45 Module Plug Cat6
Model: D1651
Specification: 8P8C/ RJ45 Plug CAT6 UTP/ 2 Parts/ Round outlet
Color: Transparent White

Specifications/Special Features
1. Housing polycarbonate (PC), flammability class: UL 94V-0 or UL 94V-2
2. Contacts: Phosphor copper; Gold-plated: 50μm: Nickel plating: 100μm;
3. Contact blade: phosphor bronze
4. Can choose 2 forks or 3 fork.
5. Conductor: stranded and solid wire, 24 and 26AWG

Reference standard
TIA / EIA 568B Category 5e, ISO / IEC 11801;
Use and storage of the environment:
Temperature: -40 ~ +70 ℃; Humidity: ≤ 85% (Temperature 85 ℃ ± 3 ℃).


1. Voltage rating: 125V AC(RMS)
2. Current rating: 1.5Amp(@20℃)
3. Contact resistance: ≤20m ohm
4. Insulation resistance: ≥1000MΩ
5. Dielectric strength: 1000V/DC 60s can't spark over
6. Support system frequency 250 MHz
7. Fully support base-TX 1000 Gigabit Ethernet standard
1.Durability: 750 mating & unmating cycles Punching duration: 250 times.
2.Retention strength: 7.7kg min (Between jack and plug)
3.Durability:strike handle 2000times at a rate of 240times/min,nicer flexibility,no rupture、no crack
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