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2016 VCOM Basketball Competition

Basketball is being the most popular sports in China.
Benefits of Basketball: Burns calories,Great for cardiovascular health,Develops concentration and self-discipline,Builds bone strength,Better motor skills and coordination,Strength training,Improves spatial awareness,Mental development,Reduces stress and boosts the immune system,Enhances confidence, team work spirit and so on.
Concentration, self-discipline, motor skills, coordination, strength training, mental development, reduces stress, enhances confidence as the most important parts of VCOM basketball competition, our leaders want to see these from VCOM staff.

VCOM staff showed the best side during the competition and everyone was the winner as they tried their best to play it. We could feel the heart, the sweat and attitude from the competition. 

As we say that never give up, keep moving. In the work and life, we will face different kinds of difficulties. But how can we adjust our mind to solve the core of the problems.

Thanks VCOM to give this chance to let us know our weakness and strength.
We all keep that in mind.

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