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2016 VCOM Staff Outdoor Training-Team Work

How to be a good team, how to be a good leader. First of all, thanks VCOM Company gave us the chance and platform to train our body and skills.
During the training, we were trained as the real soldiers. Holding your nerve, stand erectly, not allowed moving little inches. Finally, we insisted to stand over 20 minutes. We overcame the pain from the body by our strong mind. We did it. We passed through the old time of ourselves.

In the afternoon, it was the game parts and the HR department prepared four of them for us to test achievement after got train.
Finally, after four games over and the NO.4 group won the best team and Ms Cathy awarded a medal for them.
All in all, we learnt that no pain no gain. You won’t success without your group. You are not alone and don’t miss your people behind your back……

All will keep in our mind forever. 

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