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Congratulation, MS Electronics As VCOM Exclusive Distributor In Cyprus

Here is good news from VCOM official news that MS Electronics already signed with VCOM in 2 years exclusive distributor in Cyprus. We are so delighted that although as MS Electronics just VCOM normal distributor in the first time, after a deeper understand between both of our side during these 3 years. VCOM thought that MS Electronics could be our long term business partner in the future and make VCOM more competitive and attractive. Also, based on the good quality products we produced for MS Electronics, they thought that VCOM is not only a good manufacturer, but also a famous International brand in all over the world. When everything is getting mature and stable, next is discussing how to extend business in strategic cooperation.
As we know that Cyprus is not a big country, population is 858,000 and territory is 9251 square kilometers. But business coverage as per customer stated, 80%-90% user will use their products. That point is very good to hear that. VCOM believe that based on its strong values and ethics with great emphasis on the relationship with MS Electronics. It is not a dream that VCOM can be the top NO.1 brand in Cyprus.      

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