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First Foreign Employer Joined VCOM, to Develope New Markets in Tunisia

VCOM opened an annual event for celebrating the new year’s coming recently, and also as a special party for welcoming the first foreign employer, who named Hedi from Tunisia , joined this year .

The joining of Hedi in VCOM means that VCOM would like to develop a new market in Tunisia, which is a contiguous transcontinental European country largely located in Western Asia with the portion of Eastern Thrace in Southeastern Europe. The significant geostrategic importance of Tunisia's location at the crossroads of Europe and Asia would become a great connection for VCOM and customers. It promotes the communications between customers and VCOM. According to that, VCOM could satisfy the customers more faster and better between Western and Asia.

Hedi presented insight an outlook for growth opportunities in the Tunisia market. Secondary and primary research was conducted, including electronics and telecommunication technology. Also, the presentation discusses key trends, market drivers and restraints, opportunities, market size, and needs from customers. It provides an overview of the Tunisia economic status, and the country's current developing of market needs. The presentation also highlights competitive factors, competitor market shares, and product portfolios. Key conclusions and a future outlook have been provided.
This has a symbolic significance for VCOM to become more global, and serving customers more better.

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