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Latest News of VCOM Distributor In Iraq

As you can see the latest news from VCOM Distributor in Iraq that they have a new shop specialized in home security. They put VCOM products in every conspicuous place. HDMI cable, HDMI splitter, Network accessories and so on. Every time when customers come to the shop and they will see the whole range of the products from VCOM and other brands products.

Also, for every customer who as VCOM distributor, VCOM will give them as much as material support in the market so that they can promote VCOM products more easy and smooth. T-shirt, banner, USB disk, VCOM-pen, Note book, Sticker, Catalog and so on. VCOM hope that these materials can help customers and make our relationship more closely as you are not alone to operating this business. VCOM family is warmly welcome you to join us.

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