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Letter from VCOM China, Happy New Year

Dear All,
When clock is belling, my heart ripples along with it, to distant with you, transmit my missing, to be joyful! My dear friend! Please open the window, let the New Year’s wind blow your room and the snow flying in, my warming wish flutter to your heart! Flowers are disseminationing fragrant, friendship transmission warm, hope us to brimming in a happy year and wish you: Happy New Year! Best wishes! Does not experience the wind and rain, how can see the rainbow? Nobody can casually succeed! So refuel! The same as New Year! Missing are a smell of flower fragrance, inundated the mountain valley, cover your and me, and blessing are the boundless attention, overflow the eye, until the heart. We are hugging and listening to the New Year clock, just like listening the breath of annual, crowding around our same dream, making the sincerely blessing with the true love, Happy New Year! My dear friend! Wish you happy usually, have the vitality continually, still have happiness and content, I’m very happy to cooperate with you in the past year, hoped you best wishes in the New Year! The breeze lightly strokes, the white clouds far pass, in my heart was the eternal friendship, willing my blessing is the most freshest, and you will take it to your heart!

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