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Review 2014 Autumn Canton Fair

Congratulations! VCOM Company had a happy ending in Canton Fair.
This year, VCOM sales team got 444 pieces of name cards in five days of Canton Fair.
What an amazing number we have! We believe that all the happen could not ignore the big effort the sales team did. Please give them the loudest applause.

VCOM would love to take a photo with every customer who came to visit and give them a big recycle bag as a gift. Most of the customers love the bag very much and praised that the bag was the comprehensive of practicability and aesthetics.

VCOM children headphone always takes the important role in every VCOM booth. That’s no doubt about that. Lots of customers came to booth with their children, when their children saw the children headphones won’t release the products till their parents bought one for them. Because it was very simple that the children headphones were very fantastic so that the children be attracted once they saw them. 

VCOM look forward to meet you in the next time of Canton fair. VCOM children headphones wait for you to pick them home. VCOM Beyond your imagination.

Joy Wu
Richard Chan
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