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Review VCOM Dominica Partner Carnival

From 2013, VCOM started to enter the Dominica Market. At that time, VCOM brand was still a New brand in Dominica. Nobody knew VCOM. Therefore, it was very hard for us to promote VCOM Brand in Local market.
When we were still finding the way to enter the market, everything had changed after Mr Starling,CEO of the RSVB, started to contact with Ms YOYO who is VCOM Brand Sales for cooperation.
After listened our VCOM’s Cultural, VCOM’s Position and VCOM’s strength etc. Mr Starling realized that VCOM is a sleeping giant, when he wakes up, he will shock the world.
Also we found that RSVB Company is the most suitable partner for VCOM. So we invite RSVB as our VCOM exclusive partner, to help VCOM promote VCOM brand in Dominica.
Now, VCOM is a well know brand in Dominica, that is depend on RSVB’s promotion and our efforts.
This month is the Carnival in Dominica, Mr Starling had invited all his partners to enjoy this happy time, also with VCOM,. So he designed and printed the T-Shirt with VCOM logo, just like VCOM be there and join them together.

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