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VCOM Children Headphone Keep up with the trends to concern child health

CCTV music charity show "Dream Star Partner (second season)" ,was launched on December 21, 2014. The theme of this season is "Wake ears, sing together", aiming to install cochlear to at least 100 hearing-impaired children. Bingbing Fan was the charity ambassador for the first season while the popular star Luhan for the second season. 

As the charity ambassador, Luhan appealed to people to join the charity activity to help those hearing-impaired children together with him. 
In addition, He also took off his frequently used headphones on the studio to auction it online for helping the hearing-impaired children. This is the latest report on the  "Dream Star Partner (second season)".
From the show, we can see that more and more people begin to concern about children’s hearing. Nowadays,
lots of children are exposed to a variety of mobile devices and learning machines, so headphone is used frequently. 
Medical experts say that in recent years, children cases on eyes and ears caused by using electronic products increase significantly. Parents’ attention paid on children’s vision has increased after a long time promotion, but the harm to children’s hearing has not yet attracted enough attention. In the 2014 China Chongqing International Exhibition For Preschool Education Supplies & Pregnant Baby Products, a variety of children's electronic products were showed, like e-books, story reading machines, learning machines etc.

Reporters learned that parents often give the included headphone to children when they were asked to give permission to watch videos. However, the current widespread headphones have big effect to auditory nerve. Adults’ long-term use will cause tinnitus, memory loss and other symptoms, while children's inappropriate use will have a more serious damage to their hearing.Under the premise of such a large market, professional headphone design company launched children headphone, to ensure good quality, and to less the harm to children’s hearing. For children who learn English with headphone, professional headphone is a good choice.
It is characterized by the following main points:
1. Comfortable - Professional children headphone were designed to meet the children's ear features, comfortable to wear;
2. Interesting - Professional children headphone maintain the basic functions while toys and entertainment functions added according to preference;
3. Skin Protection - professional children headphone generally adopt materials which be consistent with children's tender skin, more comfortable to wear. 
4. Hearing Protection- Children headphone generally adopt advanced PCB circuit board technology and high-end headphone driver program, making the children enjoy perfect music and protecting children’s fragile eardrum, with the 85db volume limitation. 

Action now! pick a children headphone for your children!



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