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VCOM Children Headphone meets kids Healthy Requirement

Music has become an indispensable part of people's lives, you can see people wearing headphoneeverywhere, many of them are children. It is inevitable to lose hearing when using headphone for a long time. Children is a group that hearing can be easily loss while lack of self-control, so many parents restrict their kids to use headphone.

But now it seems that it is a must for children to use headphone, not just for entertainments like listening music, playing games etc., but also for studying and cultivating specialty. To study in public without affecting others, headphone is the only option. It seems that headphone has become a necessity for children’s studying.
VCOM Children headphone, with scientific support, protects children form hearing loss. Experts say that a human can withstand the volume at 85 decibels. Under this environment, hearing loss will be limited. So with this philosophy, we specifically produce a children's headphone, rather than modification.

VCOM Children headphone adopts the most advanced circuit board design and superior headphone drive, can flexibly adjust the audio frequency with a volume limitation of 85 decibels, which allows your children to have a 3D-like perfect music enjoyment, and comprehensively care children’s delicate eardrum, effectively protecting them against hearing damage.

Children healthy has long been a social focus. VCOM based on healthy, aimed at children aged 6-12, produces this kid's headphone, to continually meet the healthy demand. 

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