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VCOM Indoor Team Building Activity

Vcom team’s strength has become more powerful. In this situation, in order to train the staffs the sense of team work, to improve the staff’s communication skills, organizing ability, plan and coordination with others. VCOM held an indoor team building activity recently.
The activity aims at informing us of the significance of unity. Definitely, no one can deny the importance of unity.
Below are the pictures we have in the game.

There were two groups to compete for the same mission, which group accomplished the mission in the first time then would be the winner. Finally, the winner would be awarded and be given the title of excellent group.
This was a good activity for all the staffs. Although this was just a game, but it was meaningful, this activity not only let all the staffs become more and more united, but also reflected the team-work spirit.
Unity enables people to achieve their objectives more smoothly and rapidly. By uniting, people are more likely to reduce unnecessary conflicts and frictions, take full advantage of each other’s strength and thus eventually defeat those seemingly invincible hardships and challenges.

VCOM staffs will be more and more united and strive for freedom and breakthroughs.
We will keep on fighting to try our best to satisfy all our customers and move forward to our brand target: To be the global No.1 brand of computer peripherals.
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