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With the help of Mr Erdal Kansu who is VCOM Turkey Distributor, he requests his staffs that wear VCOM Black T-shirt in 3 days a week, VCOM Blue T-shirt another 3 days a week. As per Mr Erdal Kansu stated, the popularity of VCOM brand products already had a great improved under the big hard work of Mr Erdal Kansu’s sales team.
Here is a hint for us that the good karma comes from a good pay. No pay no gain, although we won’t see the best side in the first time, we know it is the right way. That’s enough. The direction is important than everything. Why Mr Erdal Kansu would willing to pay more attention to VCOM, as VCOM is going through a correct way, a way will let VCOM become internationalization, professionalization.
VCOM future is bright, stable and looking forward to more potential company can join with VCOM. Extend their market and value coming. 

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