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VCOM Middle Year Summarize in 2016

In the last 6 months in 2016, VCOM did it best, but not the best as we did.
As all we know that the economic of the world is shocking.
International sanctions during the Ukrainian crisis.
Greek government-debt crisis.
World is changing every minute, every second which makes VCOM do the needful. International trade is going down in the last few years.
But Crisis is meaning the chance, VCOM saw it and caugth it. The new market in Mid-east is going bigger and bigger, VCOM would put more efforts in this new market with VCOM high quality products and service.
Every manager in their management area, conculded the mistakes and formulated the plan in the latter half of year in 2016. Also, for the best people in the first half of year, VCOM gave the rewards in reture the hard work of the sales, managers and assistances.

VCOM do believe the best we paid, the best we gain. 

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