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VCOM Pakistan Exclusive Distributor had a lecture for VCOM Staff

It was very special for VCOM staff as it was the first time we had a customer Mr Faiz Bakhsh who good at extempore lecture and willing to share his priceless experience to all of us.
Respect time, respect people. That was what we learned and what we had to keep in mind.
Time table it is important for everyone, although it is very hard to achieve it at the beginning, you will feel amazing after you do it many times.
How to be a good sales is understand your product, how to produce, how to work, how to repair. Also, help each other. If you think the company is your home, you will take no hesitate to help as you are the family.
Everyone was touching after listen the lecture from Mr Faiz. We learned more than about that.
Thanks Mr Faiz here to share his great mind to all of us. Hope that we can have the next lecture soon.

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