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VCOM Partner Marketing Communications Strategy Meeting in Turkey

The best thing in the world is communication. It always makes people know about each other more smoothly and deeply. Working together will be more easily and effectively.

At the end of August, Mr Faiz who is VCOM Exclusive Distributor in Pakistan went to Turkey to meet Mr Erdal who is VCOM Exclusive Distributor in Turkey. The destination from Pakistan to Turkey is about 3320 kilometers long, but anything is not important that meets with bosom friend. Mr Erdal led Mr Faiz to visit his office and shops when Mr Faiz reached Turkey.
The topics they talked about were how they promote VCOM Brand and let VCOM becomes the top No.1 computer peripheral in their region. VCOM thought that this meeting would let both of our distributors had a deep understand of what they are doing and how the plan will go in the future. VCOM hopes one day would invite all of partners together, discussing and sharing experience.

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