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VCOM Recap 2 from CES 2015 in LAS VEGAS

Here is our VCOM Recap from CES. Today, our VCOM exclusive distributor Ma Labs in USA went to VCOM booth and talked about the early future between VCOM and Ma Labs.
As we know, they have confirmed some orders when stayed in the booth already. We thought that it is very good beginning of 2015, right? Yes, it is. After the CES, you may see our VCOM headphones, keyboards,mouse and all of the electronics in different super markets in USA. VCOM is ready, where are you?
Also, other customers from other countries visited our VCOM booth and discussed with us for the further orders. It seems VCOM can be stronger than 2014.
Please stay tune and looking for more information of VCOM investment and VCOM concern.
VCOM, beyond your imagination.

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