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VCOM The End of Year 2013 Summing Up Meeting

VCOM International Ltd held a meeting of sales department on 22nd Jan 2014. To be the global No.1 brand of computer peripherals is based on a good ending and a good beginning.

On the meeting, the General Manager of VCOM International Ltd, Cathy Wang made clear the development direction of VCOM International Ltd. VCOM International Ltd would accelerate the speed of becoming a global one-stop supplier for computer peripherals.
The main achievement of VCOM International Ltd as follow:
1. Signing exclusive distributor agreement with linkqage in South Africa.
2. Signing exclusive cable distributor agreement with Ma Labs, Marching into USA Market in 2013
3. VCOM International Ltd sponsored Miss Globe 2013 with GLOBE in Albania
4. VCOM products have been entered into Amazon and retail store Walmart successfully
5. VCOM attended 4 big fairs in 2013
Cathy Wang promised that she would lead the VCOM team to increase 30% sales performance in 2014. For example, as for computer peripherals, VCOM International Ltd would provide the green channel for headphones to make sure that a great breakthrough of its sales amount.

“Cathy Wang made a summary of the 2013 on the The End of Year 2013 Summing-up Meeting”

The future of VCOM International Ltd is Beyond Your Imagination.

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