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VCOM attend ETU open day in UK

After attending the Open Day held by VCOM agent in Turkey, the conference with Tunisia agent and Russia agent, VCOM sales manager Steven came to UK in 18th, Sep, 2014.

Invited by VCOM’s distributor in UK, VCOM sales manager, Steven, stayed at UK from 18th to 23th Sep to help promote VCOM in the local market. To take full advantage of this opportunity, VCOM has prepared the brand new product samples, the hot sale VCOM products and some other marketing materials for the Open Day. Steven himself was so pleased to receive wishes from all VCOM staff before the UK trip.

We can see Steven introduce VCOM to visitors everywhere, many of whom are impressed by his well preparation and enthusiastic introduction. Among the VCOM products, VCOM Children Headphone stands out for its unique style and advanced design idea. This brand new product creates extra profit margins for the UK agent. After the Open Day, VCOM received emails from the UK agent saying how wonderful this Open Day is and he is totally impressed with the VCOM newly launched products, VCOM Children Headphone, especially. Bunches of orders are added at the end of the day to meet the need of customers. 

The next day of the Open Day, Steven was invited to visit Target, knowing their promotion ways and potential needs of customers. VCOM has been sparing no effort to help Target promote VCOM in UK. The VCOM sales volume in UK has been increased year by year after cooperation with Target. All of this proves VCOM’s sales concept: All sales behavior is to help yourself and others.

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