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Warmly welcome Mr David Hsiao from Ma Labs visited VCOM

25th May, 2016 was a special day for VCOM as Mr David Hsiao travelled over 15 hours from American to China and the first destination was coming to VCOM for discussing the new business with us.
First of all, Mr David checked the headphones order which ready to ship in the end of May. After the orders one by one released from Ma Labs Company, the quality and performance requirements are becoming higher and higher which require by Ma Labs Company. But VCOM does not let Ma Labs Company down as we already specialized in this business over 10 years and we like challenging the difficulty that’s why made VCOM become strong and strong over 10 years.
After finished the inspection, VCOM managers’ team met with Mr David in the meeting room. As American is the most top end market in the world. Therefore, Mr David suggested us some points and told us about the latest situation in American market which can help us to go into the market more smoothly.
Finally, after the dinner, we sent Mr David back to hotel and finished the first day visiting. Here we thanks Mr David Hsiao came this time and gave us some many useful messages of American. Hopefully meet in next time.

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