The Maintenance of headphones



1. Because the headphone unit should not be dirty, so it’s headset net became the focus part of protection.  So pls let your headphone away from dust to protect the headphone unit.

2. Headphone line is more delicate, so pls try to avoid man-made damages like pulling, pressure etc. when you using the headphone..

3. A new headphone try not to used in CS game immediately, because the various sound effects among the CS game have some stimulus for it , so pls listen to some soothing music with headphones before it used to listen some complex & strong sound.


4. Any headphones are relatively vulnerable, can’t afford regular beat, especially pls avoid the happening of one situation, that is the Headphone after falling from a height and not directly touch the ground, but was later pulled something hanging in the air, because the ‘pull’ moment has the greatest damage to the headphones.

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