Knowledge on using headphone

1. Best not to wear headphones while sleeping, Headphone cable may be wrapped around your neck or twisted each other together, and even the housing of a big headphones will be crushed..


2.After using the headphone, you had better wipe the wire's sweat or other body secretions. because these secretions contain oils which will harm wires, over time, the wire will be aging, leading to slotted, fracture.


3. Best not to smoke when using the head phones.. Because the earphone housing, headphone cable can easily be burned, also soot will enter into the housing and then stick in the  vibration membrane , over time the sound will not accurate. 


4. Be sure to turn down the volume before using headphone. If your output device’s volume gets too loud, it not only shock your ears, but also may be lead to vibration membrane fold or even burned the headset voice coil . 


5. Pls let your earphone away from magnetic. If not , the Magnets unit's magnetism  will decline ,over time sensitivity will drop!


6. Pls let your earphone away from moisture. If not , the bonding pad at the earphone unit will rust, resistance increases, finally the headset will be partial tone


7. About plug part..  Some friends like to put their MP3 (or other devices) into his trouser pockets, lead to Plug outlet section is easy fold, over time will break.


8.Do not disassemble!  Some headphones can’t be opened if not to use some special method, , although be opened, 80% of them could not continue to work or appear partial tone.  


9.Best not to use the headphone outside in winter.  Because the earphone wire would be more hard, brittle in the cold winter, so they will easily be broken if excessive bending.  But also do not heat the headphone cable, high temperatures will accelerate the aging of the wire.

10. Away from chemicals. The paint on the earphone housing is easily dissolved in the organic chemicals, if that happened , the earphone housing will looks not so nice.

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