Applications and Application Fields of DVI VGA and HDMI Data Cables

This interface is based on PanalLink (an interface technology created by Silicon Image) and TMDS electrical protocol and works as a basic electrical connection. TMDS(transition minimized differential signaling)is a differential signaling mechanism which can code pixel data and then transmit the data via serial connection. Digital signals created by the video card are coded according to TMDS protocol, then transmitted to the receiver via TMDS channel by the transmitter and finally they reach the digital display equipment after decoding. A DVI display system includes a transmitter and a receiver. The transmitter is the source of signals and can be built in the chip of a video card or attached to the PCB of the video card as an additional chip, while the receiver is an electrical circuit on a display which can receive and decode digital signals as well as transmit them to the display circuit. Through the transmitter and the receiver, the signals sent from the video card turn into images on the display. 


VGA (video graphics array) interface is used to output analog signals on the video card. It is also called D-Sub interface. Though LCD(liquid crystal display) can directly receive digital signals, many low-end products still adopt VGA interface in order to match VGA-interfaced video card. VGA is a type D interface with fifteen pinholes in three rows. And there are five pinholes in each row. VGA is the most widely used interface type on video cards. The majority of video cards have this interface. 


HDMI (high-definition multimedia interface) is a brand new interface that transcends those audio-video splitting transmission interfaces of the past. Its transmission rate can reach a maximum of 5Gb/s. Besides,this interface can transmit image data and further more, it can simultaneously transmit audio signals up to eight sound channels. This non-compressed digital data transmission can effectively reduce signal interference and attenuation caused by data type conversion. 

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