FAQ about Battery Chapter 2

1  Q. which kinds of battery with the memory effect?


   A. nickel-cadmium batteries, but not once produced, after repeated use, the residual capacity, will produce memory effect, nickel metal hydride and lithium-ion battery, no memory effect, No need  discharged.




2  Q. How to calculate battery capacity?


   A. mAh is the unit of battery capacity, mA refers to the discharge current, h means the time (hours), for example, marked 1000mAh battery, means it takes one hour for 1000mA discharge, but usually the battery capacity discharge  as 0.2C (0.2C, C = capacity), 1000mAh discharge 200mA per hour. It will take 5 hours to  discharge, it can be released  about 900mAh (90%) or more.




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