FAQ about Battery Chapter 3

1  Q. How to calculate battery energy?


   A. In addition to the battery capacity, there is a voltage of the mark, such as a nickel hydrogen battery labeled 1.2V / 1700mAh, said he can provide 1.2V * 1700mA * 1h = 2.04Wh ----> Wh is his energy, 1.2V represents the average voltage during discharge, such as lithium marked 3.7V, also refers  to the average discharge voltage.




2  Q. battery protection devices


   A. Usually a single tree nickel-hydrogen batteries, usually without a protective device, the lithium-ion batteries because unable to withstand overcharge, over discharge, over current and short circuit and dangerous, it is necessary to install a protective plate to prevent Danger of explosion due to overcharging or over-discharging, over-current to the battery is damaged, resulting in a short circuit to avoid high-temperature combustion and dangerous.

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