HDMI High Definition Oxygen-free copper wire

HDMI High Definition Oxygen-free copper wire
4N Oxygen-free copper material
4N Oxygen-free copper is high purity Oxygen-free copper, the material is free of Oxygen, also is free of deoxidizer residual copper ( Actually it is still has some micro-oxygen and some impurities ), the content of oxygen not more than 0.03%, total impurities not more than 0.05%, copper purity more than 99.95% based on the standard. According to the actual data test, the high purity Oxygen-free copper shows more delicate in display when compare with normal purity copper, it is not easy oxidation, can be used in every place, noise reduction, the capacity of keeping real color is better than purity copper. Therefore, 6N Oxygen-free copper is better than 4N Oxygen-free copper.
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