How to choose Bluetooth earphone?

1. How do I choose a Bluetooth headset?




At first, choose the mono or stereo you need,  if stereo pls check whether your mobile phone support it .  

Second, there generally have many wearing styles such as earbud, ear hook, head-loading, clothespin-type, etc., you can choose one style according your needs.

2.What is the effective range of Bluetooth?




Bluetooth is a protocol for short-distance data communications and applications, the nominal effective range is 10 meters, the original product's is 7-8 m,  high imitation product's  is 2-6 m. Signal is impacted by the  environment. Generally without noise if there is no obstructions between the headphone and mobile phone within 3 meters.

(Ps: it will have noises if putting some kinds of phones and earphones on different sides of his body.)



3.Whether Bluetooth headset battery can be changed, how about its life expectancy?




Most Bluetooth headset battery is built-in lithium battery,  which can not be replaced, every new battery can charge about 500 times. According it can use 3 days after per charging , 500 times charging can use 1500 days, that is around 2-3 years. A bluetooth can also be eliminated after use for two years, so it is not necessary to worry about the problem of bluetooth headphone battery failure.


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