How to choose household appliances power cord?

If you need to buy a new power cord for household appliances, VCOM have the following suggestions:
(1). Interface: Please choose the power cord based on the power receiving-end and AC side;
(2). Length: Please choose an applicable length of power cord based on the usage scenarios;
(3). Conductor cross-section: Please confirm the conductor cross-section of power cord based on the equipment power you use. You can see conductor cross-section on power cord and it's common to print conductor cross-section on the cable.
Conductor cross-section—power & current comparison table as follow;
The permitted current of the electrical equipment The permitted power of electrical equipment The matching conductor size of power cord
1≤3A ≤660W ≥0.5mm²
3A<1≤6A 660W-1320W ≥0.75mm²
6A<1≤10A 1320W-2200W ≥1.0mm²
10A<1≤16A 2200W-3520W ≥1.5mm²
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