How to choose the charging cables?

Normally, VCOM suggests that consumers use the original mobile charger cable to charge the phone. VCOM has some following suggestions for your reference if you need to buy a new charger cable.


1. Port: Choose the cable according to the input & output interface; 


2. Length: Normally, the shorter of the length the charging efficiency higher;


3. Thickness: Thickness cannot indicate the chargeability. VCOM suggests consumers choose the jacket OD≥4.0 mm in order to protect the charge efficiency from damaging due to the large charging voltage current.


4. Conductor: The better quality of conductors the charging efficiency higher. The cheap charging cable is made by CCS/recycling material. It cause charging efficiency low, and the conductor resistance is too large and easy to heat and even damage. So we suggest consumers choose the reliable brands.


5. Core wire: Cheap charging cable only has 2 cores. Just for charging but cannot to transmit data. The mobile cannot enter the fast charge type when using this cable if your mobile support quick charge. VCOM suggest consumers choose the reliable brands.


6. Special remark: Please choose the cable which support VOOC or DASH, if your mobile is support VOOC or DASH.


7. Iphone: If your IPhone model is newer than IPhone 4s, please choose the charging cable which support MFI.

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