QI Standard--Wireless Power Consortium

QI  Standard

QI is the world's first to promote the standardization of wireless charging technology organization----Wireless Power Consortium.

(Wireless Power Consortium abbreviation WPC) launched the “wireless charging standards.”With convenience and generality two big characteristics. First, any different brand products with QI symbol,can use Qi wireless charger. Second,It overcome the wireless charging "generality" technical bottleneck. In the near future, mobile phones, cameras, computers and other products can use Qi wireless charger, provide possibility for large-scale application of wireless charging.

At present, the mainstream of wireless charging technology in market mainly through three ways:Electromagnetic induction, Radio waves, and the function of the resonance, QI at present adopted the most mainstream electromagnetic induction technology. In terms of technology, Chinese companies have stood in the  forefront of the wireless charging industry. It is reported that the QI at present applied in Chinese mobile phone, future, will be applied to different category or a higher power of digital products.
So far, union membership has increased to 74, including philips, HTC, Nokia, Samsung, SONY, Ericsson, Best Buy and other famous enterprises have been a member of the alliance.

Qi standard of typical representative products are: Nokia Lumia 920, Nokia Lumia 820 ,Google Nexus 4 etc. When using these phones, do not need to install any parts, directly put it on any QI Standard charger which can support Qi to start charging . Currently on the market already has the Energizer, PowerMate brands,have large number of different styles of wireless charger for choose.



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