Super MHL

Super MHL


MHL (Mobile High-Definition Link) standard was born in 2010, which is to achieve power supply and digital video output for phones and other mobile devices. It is developed by MLH Alliance members and Silicon Image,just five pins (like mini / micro USB 2.0) can handle power supply and video output. It also can connect a compatible HDMI TV without new interfaces and data line by the technology of TMDS same with HDMI.

Over the past few years, MHL achieved some success, but the scale is still small and applications is limited . Today, the new "super MHL" is born, which is not a mere evolutionary version.

Firstly, the agreement is improved, double bandwidth , single channel can support 4K 60FPS video output (MHL 3 supports up to 4K 30FPS), comparable to HDMI 2.0. and it also supports 10/12/16 - bit color depth and more color space without special data lines. It is quite meaningful for H.265 popularity in the future.

If you use six channels, it can output 8K 120FPS! That is 8K TV with the impact of 7680 × 4320, and also supports 36-bit color depth and 4: 2: 0 format.

However, it need to use superMHL connector and data line.

The receiving end has 32 pins, all into a space same as 19-pin HDMI Type-A, which is 

the most compact video interface in history. 

Data cables are passive, length is up to 2-3 meters.


The application of super-MHL connector and data lines are very flexible, both ends can be their own super-MHL, and it also can get the signal output from micro USB, 

USB Type-C like HDMI Type-A.

However, the number of channels that can be supported is different, only both ends super-MHL to achieve full six-channel, USB Type-C can support two or four channels, micro USB only can support single channel, just for different applications.

At last, the charging and multi-screen display are also stronger.MHL 2/3 only can support 4.5/10 w, while superMHL can support 40W (20 v / 2 a),  it not only can recharge tablet, but also can support eight screen.


Super-MHL will is the patent of high-end TV in a short term, and Samsung will launch 8K TV which is equipped with super-MHL interface. 



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