The definition of two DisplayPort connector

DisplayPort has two connector: Full Size and MINI. They all has 20 pin. but the mini’s  width is about half for full size, the size of X 4.5mm and 16mm 7.5mm respectively for X 4.8mm.The establishment of complete link requires 5 coaxial pair, 3 single ended signal, and the power supply and ground.DisplayPort’s extensibility allows the creation of a low bandwidth DisplayPort links in the less the case of wires, but few do so, because the compatibility problem may make the  users confuse.


DisplayPort use 8B/10B code, this is a common way of communication, can be embedded into the data stream link clock.It has the advantage of not requiring special occupation of a coaxial pair, at the receiving end of the information synchronization and clock recovery easier, and more reliable link.But this also has drawbacks, this method makes the link clock entirely separate from the audio, video and other signal source.In this way, the sending end and receiving end must have special hardware to audio and video data is streaming signal transmission from the original rate is converted to the fixed link clock.Data transmission of HDMI signal is encoded into three serial bit stream, and by three differential pairs of transmission.The serial bit stream data transmission rate is 10 times of the clock transmission between transmitter and receiver.Serial bit stream using the name TMDS coding technique, whose function is to reduce the number of jump, and prevent long 0 or 1 strings that appear of DC caused by wandering or signal synchronization.The audio signal is transmitted in the video for blanking time, at the same time with a reference value for the audio clock can be recovered at the receiver. The blanking period of the video level size have strict requirements, it must ensure that sufficient bandwidth to transmit audio signals.


Similar with Ethernet, DisplayPort uses a packet data transmission structure.This makes DisplayPort can become a channel of a serial bit stream to transmit various signals.1, 2 or 4 channels can be used to transmit data, and each channel with embedded 1.62Gbps, 2.7Gbps or 5.4Gbps (DisplayPort1.2) link clock synchronization.When the link is switched on, between transmitter and receiver to communicate with each other to determine the data transmission rate and the number of channels.Doing so means that can interfere with solving the cable or other communication channel by the possible link integrity problems, but this way can not guarantee always to the maximum data rate operation.This is usually not a problem, if a higher data transmission rate can not work will lead to instability of link, then the link bandwidth is lower than the total link stronger instability.DisplayPort has ability to communicate and determine feasibility of connection speed, says it can always guarantee the normal operation in difficult circumstances, and its comparison, in the same circumstances HDMI will stop working.



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