Tips for Bluetooth earphone

Today mobile phones have become an indispensable communication tools of daily life,

And there is no doubt that the birth of the Bluetooth earphone release the phone user’s hand, your actions are no longer bound by the headphone cable. 


Before buying & choosing bluetooth earphone, we should learn some of their general knowledges. 


I.In terms of the development for bluetooth’s performance.  There are six versions with their corresponding characteristics,  they are 




V1.2 has improved the anti-interference function FM on the basis of V1.1.


V2.0 is the Upgraded version of V1.2, both voice communications, can also transfer files, high quality pictures and other data.


V2.1 : Improve the pairing process, enhance energy saving effect


V3.0: Has high speed data transmission


V4.0: very low operating and standby power consumption, low latency to 3 ms

II.The benefits of using bluetooth headset



At present, we are exposed is more mobile phone radiation whether at work or in life, and human head suffer most. It will be easy to cause headaches, hair loss, poor memory, dizziness, brain up, tinnitus, insomnia, dreams and other symptoms if people answer calls for a long time.


How big the mobilephone radiation after all? For example a life common appliances - microwave oven, Its power is 2450 MHz, cell phone is 1200-1600 MHz. So holding a mobile phone just like holding half a microwave everyday. whatsmore, microwave oven is made by iron sheet, which can isolated part of the radiation, even the glass windows also have metal wire protection, but the cell phone has nothing protections, and answer calls are directly close to our head,you can image how much the radiation.


And then we will ask: whether bluetooth headset has radiation? Yes, it has. But equivalent to mobile phone's 0.21‰ , compare with cell phones, it belongs to green health equipment.  What does the 0.21‰ mean? It means the radiation you absorbed when you get calls for continuous 9 hours equal to what you use bluetooth earphone calling for 10 years.


Why the bluetooth earphone’s radiation is much smaller than cellphone’s ?

The reason is : For ensuring the phone’s signal, there will be a signal transmission base station every 20 km. In order to receive transmitted signal from base station , the mobile phone is required a certain power to transmit or receive radio waves to the base station. These radio wave is absorbed by the body and cuases harm to hunman body.


The greater the power, the stronger the emitted radio waves, the probability and the amount absorbed by the body will be greater.  But the transmission distance of bluetooth  earphone  is only 10 meters, and support the transmission signal is much smaller than the power required by the mobile phone, so the harm to human body is very small.



One of the most important usage of bluetooth earphone is in the driving.  In recent years, the number of deaths in road accidents in China every year is 70,000 people, the injured about 300 ,000 people. The test results of a british traffic Institute released recently show that, use of mobile phones while driving, the brain's reaction speed slower than 30% of drunk driving, the risk of an accident that use cell phone during driving is 4 times more than during normal driving, 70% of fatal accidents are caused by driver inattention, the phone is the culprit distract the driver's attention. 


other researches show that, the driver’s attention will drop 20% if he use cell phone call sb.  Even the attention will cut down 37% if the conversation is important. and the driving speed will 9% slower than his normal driving , also the brakes response speed will 19% slower than normal,  even lead to 

distortions in chauffeur-driven route, causing traffic congestion is inevitable, so use phone calling sb is harm to others. 



receive calls by using a Bluetooth headphone can liberate our hands, improve efficiency, no matter we are in the process of working or doing housework or shopping .

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