VCOM can teach you what to do when headphones have noise

(1)Maybe routine of mobile phone change voice control set and then lead to this condition. So this moment you only need recover previous set that is ok. Music of mobile phone maybe have this type of sound. So that this condition is no wonder, you can change music to try.

(2)When the mobile phone is charging or the electric isn’t normal. Mobile phone headphone have drops the current sound, some contrivable of mobile phone headphone slot isn’t reasonable and can’t perfectly fuse headphone. So the headphone can know the tiny sound in the mobile phone.

(3)Mobile phone inside slot has some questions, whether it's poor contact or damage of parts. You can be sent directly to your phone repaired,, when mobile phone headphone have noise, you can use the other headphone and insert your mobile phone headphone, then you can know if headphone have question, so that you can solve it .

(4)Your headphone maybe breaks down. If you can find and solve it, that can’t be better. If not, you can send to after sale, serviceman can help you to solve the question of headphone, if the headphone can’t solve by maintain, so you only change the new headphone.

(5)when you use the headphone, the headphone need maintain, Regular cleaning and disinfection, headphone can’t be thrown away and hit. They can lead to turbulence of mobile phone headphone internal structures and construction.
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