VCOM teaches you how to extend the time of using headphone

(1) Maintenance of the headphone wire.
Headphone wire is a important part of headphone Maintenance, because regardless of how the production of advanced technology headphone, wire of headphone is metal, Now that material is metal, so it have itself weakness, that is easy to fracture. Aim at this weakness about plain conductor. Although people had made great efforts, it still not completely overcomes. So when we use headphone, don’t let the headphone wires can be folded in half. We should guarantee definite radian about wires. And when we put away headphone, don’t let the headphone wires appear hard corner. This will greatly damage the life of wire and give rise to open circuit. And don’t wind optionally on the output device. when you accept the headphone, you should keep definite radian. So you do not have to wire headset problems and a big headache.

(2) Maintenance of the headphone plug
Headphone is a hypersensitive part, because it has problems that make bad contact and greatly influenced the results. Now at the got-up process many headphones mostly adopt gilded plug for reducing impedance. But even though it is in the use of excessive wear will also be affected by the sound quality of the headphones, the effect is greatly reduced. Because this metal layer is very thin, if people precede over and over again friction. Tender metal layer seriously injured. So the use of headphone will be influenced. In the process of the use of headphones to decrease the number of plug for headphones, don’t always make the headphone pulled down.

(3) Maintenance of connection between headphone line and plug
The joint of headphone line and plug is a compare tender part. Because of this many headphones are breakdown and can’t use. So How to deal with that the life of the headphone will make it longer? Earplug line connect plug by welding spot. When you pull out the headphone, if you are overexert or oversize, welding spot fall easily off. Headphone will be scrap. So when you pull out the headphone, you need to notice right ways, First Squeeze plug by hands. Then pull out gently. Don’t overexertion or speed so quickly when you pull out the headphone, because of it welding spot fall easily from headphone.

(4) Wire external Maintenance
If the damage from outside of wire, it will direct influence the life of the wire. Headphone external material has many types and many colors, but mostly external material of wire are rubber. In everyday use the headphone, many people could find this problem, if you use it for a long time, wire become hard naturally, it will break easily. This is a very nerve-racking thing. How could we solve this question? We need to be careful to headphone at ordinary times. Try to avoid touching with oiliness or acidic material when we use or save them. Once touch them, Please dry by towel right now. In addition, sweat also is a killer to headphone wire outside. Sweat is alkalinity and will cause serious damage to rubber, so we will dry immediately after contact with sweat. When we use the headphone, wire outside try to avoid contact with edge tool or hard thing.

(5) Maintenance of headphone vibrating diaphragm
Headphone vibrating diaphragm is very important to headphone. It is heart part for headphone. It is fairly key. Only vibrating diaphragm of the headphone doesn’t have damage, headphone can normally work, protect the headphone well. You will enjoy endless happy from music.

(6) Maintenance of the special earphone
Headphone have many types, some headphone can’t universal. When we use the headphones we need to notice, many headphones are appropriative.
If the appropriative headphone use to wrong place, it will produce serious consequence. If a lower powered headphone contact with high powered equipment, headphone will be break down. Remember, a dedicated headset for use on the device can play its role, otherwise it will backfire.
(7)Temperature and humidity
In the daily maintenance of headphone, Headphones the environment temperature and humidity is also important. At the high temperature or moist environment vibrating diaphragm of headphone can happen serious transformation. It can greatly influence tone quality of headphone. In addition, plate tier of headphone plug is very tender and rust easily in the humid environment, rust will produce very serious impact, even poor contact and damage. So when we use the headphone, we try to avoid hard light and moist. So we can avoid deformation of vibrating diaphragm and damage.
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