VCOM tell you why the headphones don’t have sound when you stick in headphone jack.

(1)Headphone jack stick in wrong.

Face to headphone jack of all colors on the computer, when you don’t find sound from headphone. You maybe consider whether plug stick into wrong place. Normally, the plug of standard 3.5mm included the mic and headphone.   If you make headphone plug stick into microphone plug, so it can’t work. The solution of this situation is so easy. Under general condition, green plug is for listening to music, and pink plug is for microphone. When you contact, According to the color of jack on the computer, one-to-one correspondence is ok.

(2) Headphones have some problems,

To proving whether headphone itself has problems. We can find another good headphone and then they contrast between old and new. They connect sound source in succession. See if they work, then compared by exclusive method, so you can find which one have problems. In a general way,, More likely to wire damage. We should focus on the contact wire itself.

(3) Headphones type don’t match

This problem is atypia and unusual, but it is necessary to mention here. PC have two jacks, one green is frequency jack, on pink is microphone jack, ordinary headphone only connect, then you can use, but 13-inch MacBook laptop only have one jack, ordinary 3.5mm second level headphone can’t use, so headphone don’t have sound. When you buy headphone of VCOM, you should notice the quantity of jack and property of computer, and Apple laptop only have one jack. So 3.5mm three-level frequency plug can use. Incidentally reminded with four 3.5mm plug into the PC computer is able to listen to songs,          But because earplug impedance is small and computer driving power is big. It is  so bad to earplug, so we can choose professional headphone of VCOM, that is more safe and reliable.

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