What is DP interface

DP is a new interface after HDMI , which full name is DisplayPort. In order to satisfy the large size (estimated that this interface only can see the difference from HDMI interface on more than 64 inches display device) display devices' demand for higher resolution, DP interface's biggest characteristics has a higher bandwidth than HDMI and DVI. 


DP interface has more advantages than HDMI cable in theory and is also supported by some vendors. It is higher resolution than HDMI and belongs to a output/input interface for professional equipment. It is not used in display and television. It is rare interface . But, at present , the major mobile phone and notebook still provide mini - HDMI interface. Only multiple frequency display of AMD has a DP serial bus figure appeared. As it were, DP interface is no potential in the short term.


There is two types of DisplayPort external joint : 

one is a standard type, such as USB, HDMI connection; 

The other is a low profile, which is mainly used in applications with finite connected area, such as ultra-thin laptops. Their external longest distance are both can reach 15 meters. Although the distance is less than HDMI, this adapter and connection related specifications have been ready for upgrades in the future. Connectors and wiring also don't need to redesign even if DisplayPort adopt new 2 x speed standard (21.6 Gbps) in the future. In addition to the connection between devices and equipment, DisplayPort also can be used as equipment internal interfaces, even the data interface between the chip and chip.

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