What kind of headphone is good

Everybody understands that we listen to music that it doesn’t only listen to a frequency band, and we hope to listen the result that is the same as scene concert. It is a good one that can real reduction at the scene of the recording effect.
Usual malady of the headphones:
(1) Low-violent type. Large of Melodic distortion, mixed is not clear, it is bad for hearing. It can’t be used. But junior users usually think that products are good.
(2) Dry medium frequency, high sting. This product can make your auditory nerve to become high-strung and fatigable. Using long time overtax one’s nerves and body.
  \(3)Headphones have heaved or low ebb, you can feel unnatural about this products. It is also disharmony, you can feel monster, and time is long, you can feel tired.

A good headphone, you can’t say it only fit to listen to male or female voice, low pitch or alto pitch or high pitch. This description is a fault. If it can’t real restore melodic, so that it is a good product.
Three sections of balance, impartiality is a rare product, but also the most difficult products.
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