When do we need HDMI interface?

HDMI is a new interface in recent years with the rise of digital television, HDTV and flat-panel TVs.

Nowadays, many flat-panel TVs are started with HDMI interface. There are LCD, plasma, LCD rear projection, DLP rear projection, LCD projectors, DLP projectors and so on. 

Not only it is the flat-panel TVs with HDMI interface, but also there are a lot of high-end DVD also started with a HDMI interface. Moreover, some domestic low-cost DVD are introduced HDMI interface. 

Some alert readers will find out that there is not any HDMI interface on the same brand, series and size flat panel TV. But, the price is a little bit difference. Less is difference ofUSD$1,200. For example, the SONY Bravia LCD TV with HDMI is more expensive than S40 without HDMI interface. Some are higher of USD$1,200 or less of one or two thousand RMB.

At current price, USD$1,200 can be buy a homemade 32-inch LCD TV, and even USD$170 can be buy a very good DVD. Therefore, many people are not required to buy flat-panel TVs with HDMI problems. 

So, what is the situation need to buy HDMI interface into flat-panel TVs ? Who they do not need to buy?


Watching the digital cable program

Nowadays, it is working to accelerate the conversion of digital cable around the world. In the short time, there are a lot of places can use the digital cable TV. Whatever every where, you need to use set-top boxes and TV connection when you watching digital TV.

Even that the most advanced flat-panel TVs, and cannot be connected to watch digital cable TV programming directly. It should be need to connect a set-top box decoder.

That is to say, should it need HDMI interface to watch digital TV? Nowadays, some promotion digital cables are used set-top boxes. It has only need AV and S-Video output. There are a few of color output and some of them without S-Video port. It is impossible and unnecessary to provide set-top boxes for HDMI interface.


Watching the ordinary cable program

The ordinary cable program is analog signal. If you buy an ordinary flat panel TV is only for watching ordinary programs. It is no need to waste money for buying a useless HDMI flat-panel TV. The signal only can through ordinary wired interface input signals. It is no access for HDMI. 


Using HTPC to download HDTV

Nowadays, there are kinds of HDTV programs with resolution 1080 or 720. Some are use internet to download and play HDTV. If you want to play HTPC, you need to download HD program. 

HTPC is Home Theater Personal Computer. It is high requirement for configuration which is need up to P42.4G. And the dual channel memory should up to 512M. Moreover, it should be the high-end graphics card which is support 1920*1080 and with HDMI interface. Only under the HDMI, the best effect for HDMI can up to the best status. So, that is a good choice for you having a flat-panel TV with HDMI. 

Nowadays, there is another product called HDTV player. It is the same with HTPC which can use hard disk to save HDTV programs and using DVD player to watch HDTV program. 

Nowadays, there are a variety of DVD with HDMI which is more than 20 kinds of brand or type for this product. Due to the DVD signal itself is digital. So, if it is combine with  HDMI and flat-panel TV, the signal can not pass the internal DVD player and flat screen TV digital which can be sure of the signal quality. As for enthusiasts, the pursuit of high quality is very tempting.


Watching DVD

DVD can provide difference color signals. As for ordinary people, it can be connected through difference cable and flat-panel TV directly. The effect is perfect too. 



HDMI can also put the image level of DVD480P into 1280 * 720 or 1920 * 1080 level HD format in order to provide a high-resolution flat-panel TVs stage play. But, it should need to remind the reader that the clarity is not increased by this signal processing of high-definition. It is only converted into a format HD images and the effect seems to have some improvement, but still not the real HD.

The DVD HDMI interface can also transfer DOLBY DIGITAL and DTS digital audio signals. But, nowadays, there are also very few HDMI interface amplifier and the price is expensive. For enthusiasts, it is worth to pay for thousands of dollars.


The new generation of HD DVD or Game machine

Just the news showing that the next generation HD DVD will be debut officially on 8, March.  And the BD Blue-ray will also be listed on the second half. It is expects that it will be only issued more than 200pcs for HD DVD. 

These two high-definition disc players have adopted AACS copyright protection system. In accordance with the provision of AACS, it cannot output HD signals with analog component. And the HD signal must be used HDMI.

The PS3 game machine is belongs to the optical disk system HD. And the random is equipped with BD driver with HDMI interface.

The XBOX360 has also been equipped with external HD DVD drive which is for HD system. But, it is not clear for detail. If you want to use XBOX360, you need to buy the flat-planet with HDMI interface in order to be prepared against want.


Watching CCTV HD

It should be need the specialized HD set-top box by wired to receive CCTV HD. Not only it can output the 1080i analog component, but also it should need HDMI interface in order to comply with digitization. Therefore, it should be need to buy flat-planet TV with HDMI interface which is can be comply with the fundamental guarantee for HD. 


Therefore, HDMI is the basic interface, a basic digital channels and communication platform for digital TV and flat-planet TV. There are some similar component Interfaces with HDMI for years. When DVD is listed, there is a few TV with component Interface. Not only the price is expensive both of HDMI interface and cable. HDMI will become the basic configuration for flat-planet in the near future. 

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