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ASUS' fancy all-in-one packs a 3D camera and speedy USB 3.1

PCs with integrated Intel RealSense are still hard to come by these days, so excuse us for getting a little excited with this new ASUS all-in-one. Specifically, it's the 23.8-inch Zen AiO (Z240IC) that comes with said 3D camera technology, which offers gesture control and 3D face recognition (for authentication); but you can also go for the smaller 21.5-inch Z220IC variant if you don't mind missing out on RealSense. Similar to the iMac, the Zen AiO consists of an aluminum unibody that tapers to 6mm-thick edges; though it's gone with the "subtle Icicle Gold" as its flagship color, and finished with horizontal brush lines on the back. ASUS' iconic concentric circle brush pattern can also be found on the chin below the screen.


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