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Blue's Lola headphones nix features in favor of comfort

If you're having trouble spotting the visual differences between Lola and Mo-Fi, don't fret; the design is nearly identical. Aside from the weight difference, Lola also has a slimmer headband that's meant to be more comfortable. As a tradeoff, the new, slimmed-down band is missing the tension adjustment wheel that was included on the Mo-Fis. I rarely used that feature on the older model, and it's not something I crave here either.


Speaking of tension, let's talk about that headband design in more detail. Like its predecessor, the Lola features a multi-hinged band rather than the semi-circle you're probably used to. This ensures that the earcups remain parallel to each other even if they're stretched as wide as they can go. For someone with a big head like myself (I wear a 7 ⅝ hat), the hinges keep the headphones from feeling like they're pinching your skull. You can make the headband fit as tight or as loose as you want rather than having to solely rely on a length adjustment. Both of Blue's headphones offer a cozy fit, but the Lola in particular is comfy thanks to the lighter weight.

My one gripe with the Lola in terms of wear is a sentiment that I share with fellow Engadget editor Jamie Rigg, who spent time with the Mo-Fi. The earpads on these new headphones are too soft. They're plenty thick, but they have too much give when you put the headphones on, which makes them not quite as comfy as they could be. Because of this, you can start to feel the rim of the earcup when you wear the Lola for more than a few minutes. It never gets to the point where it's uncomfortable, but it's not as cushioned as I'd like.

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