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Bluetooth 4.2 standard, check Bluetooth 1.0-4.2 technology course

  Bluetooth is a radio engineering that support equipment short-haul communication (in 10m). Go though development in recent year, we are on longer unfamiliar to it. It also is a indispensable module to digital products now. Appeared of the Bluetooth technological let us no longer to be bound when we connect with kinds of equipments. Such as sound, computer, mouse, keyboard, even car. This technology is most quick and simple when two equipments process wireless short-haul communication, it also can simplify communication of equipments and internet. So data transmission becomes more rapid and efficient.
Recently,  Bluetooth SIC publish core technology standard of Bluetooth 4.2, By report, Now technology can enhance privacy protection, quicken data transmission speed, let equipment connect with internet by Bluetooth. From birth of this technology to today, it had experienced many times update. Let us look back phylogeny of the Bluetooth technology together!

Bluetooth 4.2 had passed update of 8 versions, they are 1.1, 1.2, 2.0, 2.1, 3.0, 4.0, 4.1, 4.2.
Bluetooth 1.1 standard
Bluetooth 1.1 is very early time version, transmissibility is about 748~810kb/s, because project is early phase, Susceptible to interference with the frequency of the communication quality of the products under.
Bluetooth 2.0 standard
Bluetooth 2.0 is Improved upgrade of Bluetooth 1.2, transmissibility is about 1.8M/s~2.1M/s, it support duplex mode, when it is in voice communication, at the same time it also can transfer record and High-resolution pictures. Bluetooth 2.0 versions can support stereo.
The most widely used is Bluetooth 2.0+EDR standard, this standard had pulled out in 2004, Products are teem in 2006 , they support Bluetooth 2.0+EDR.
Although Bluetooth 2.0+EDR make vast improvement at technically, Problems of Complex configuration process and equipment major power dissipation are still exist. They are from Bluetooth 1.x standard.
Bluetooth 2.1 standard
 On April 21, Bluetooth SIG ratified Bluetooth 2.1 standard—standard 2.1+EDR. For equipment of the future is for free. The contemporaneity products with Bluetooth 2.1 standard, they still occupy the Bluetooth larger share of the market. it improve more 2 times stand-by time than Bluetooth 2.0 standard. Technical standard don’t have fundamentality change.
Bluetooth 3.0 standard
On 21th April, 2009. Bluetooth SIG issued officially a new generation standard “Bluetooth Core Specification Version 3.0 High Speed, Kernel of the Bluetooth 3.0 is Generic Alternate MAC/PHY(AMP), This is a new alternate radio-frequency technique, AIM to any task dynamic the Bluetooth can choose right radio-frequency.
Data rate of the Bluetooth 3.0 improve about 24Mbps (when we need, we can call to 802.11, Wi-Fi use for realize high speed data transmission). Bluetooth 3.0 is 8 times to Bluetooth 2.0 on the transmission speed. It can easily used to data transmission from VCR(video tape recorder) to HDTV(high-definition television), from PC to PMP, from UMPC to printer. But you need them to reach this standard, so it can appear function.
Bluetooth 4.0 standard
Bluetooth 4.0 issued on July 7, 2010. Maximum significance of the new version is low-power dissipation and can reinforce equipment compatibility to different OEM manufacturer, and bring down delay, Maximum transmission is still 24Mbps at theory, Valid coverage area improve to 100m, this standard chip can be use for mostly mobile phone and tablet PC, if the New Ipad , Iphone 5, MX4, HTC One X and other mobile phones have function of the Bluetooth 4.0.
   Bluetooth 4.1 standard
   Bluetooth 4.1 standard issue on Dec 6,2013, if Bluetooth 4.1 parallel data transmission with LTE radio signal together, So Bluetooth 4.1 can automatic synchronization transmit information of them, it can reduce disturbing to Bluetooth 4.1.Improvement is more quick of connection and more intelligent, such as reduce the time of connection of the equipment. If user go out the scope of the Bluetooth 4.1 signal and time of disconnection is no long, when user return to the scope again, so the Bluetooth can automatic connection. Response time is shorter than Bluetooth 4.0. The last one improvement enhance transmission efficiency, If user connect many equipments, such as connecting many wearable equipments, information of between you and me can send to the reception equipment.
   In addition to this, Bluetooth 4.1 add more flexibility for developer. This change don’t have great influence to domestic consumer, but this change is very important to software developer, Because in order to cope with the gradual rise of wearable devices, so Bluetooth must support to connect with many equipments at the same time.
  Now mobile phone of support this standard is lesser, Samsung GALAXY Note4 is one of the representatives.
Bluetooth 4.2 standard
On Dec 4, 2014, Newest Bluetooth 4.2 standard was issued, it improve data transmission speed and degree of privacy protection, and it can connect directly with internet by IPv6 and 6LoWPAN. At new standard if Bluetooth want to connect or trace user, so equipment have to go though user permission, Otherwise Bluetooth signal can’t connect and trace user equipment.
   Speed become more quick, data transmission speed improve 2.5 times between two Bluetooth equipments, because Bluetooth smart data package capacity is improved, The amount of data it can hold the equivalent of about 10 times previously.
The versions is more advanced, that is better, consider question of distance sum and power dissipation, newest Bluetooth is optimization, but products of Bluetooth 4.1 are not many on the now market, but mainstream products of the Bluetooth 4.0 cost performance is higher,  As for Bluetooth 3.0,2.1 and the follow version had lost value of optional.
Sum up: Bluetooth have many advantages that is perfection of encryption measure, stabilization of transmitting procedure and compatible device abundant. From 1.1 standard to 4.2 standard, they have difficult course, Bluetooth 2.1+EDR standard and 4.0 standard are the most common to see, and they ever are the broadest possible . Bluetooth technology closely related with our life, work, driving, entertainment, multimedia,people can exempt worried of Home office cable winding by using Bluetooth technology products. Convoked teleconference meeting by connecting with mobile phone to loudspeaker, Listen to streaming stereo music transmitted from the family or other similar audio device through a wireless stereo headset.
Bluetooth standard upgrade every generation, I believe mobile phones and other electronic products for Tablet full of attractive and can carry the higher version for the Bluetooth standard. So that it can improve overall efficiency, Such as more extensive pair scope, higher transmission speed, more energy conservation and direct access internet and so on. In addition to this, I believe use of Bluetooth will be more extensive and more relevant user. But Bluetooth 4.2 standard was issued this time, it is only a renewal of small versions. And it doesn’t bring a inflexion or a change point. If it still no reform, it is likely to be replaced by the momentum is fierce NFC.
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