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Display Port 1.3 standard launch

Although for most ordinary consumers 4K resolution ratio display effect is very amazing, now some manufacturers have to wait to launch a 5K resolution ratio. However, VESA lately issue criterion of Display Port 1.3. The criterion of the maximum bandwidth can be up to 32.4 Gbp. Compared with the previous if display port 1.2 improve 50%, As newest high definition digital display interface standard, Display port 1.3 maximum characteristic can support highest 5120*2880 resolution ratio. That is 5K, Compared with the 3840*2160 4K displayer has a big improvement.
It is reported, Display port 1.3 allow user that a data line connect a 5K displayer or through Multi-Stream technology connect two 4K displayer. VESA chairman of the board of dissectors of the company(Alan Kobayashi) say Display Port 1.3 standard working much faster which not only greatly promote the development of higher-resolution display, but also to Display Port itself can be more easily integrated into multi-protocol data transmission, the maximum meet user 's simplicity and ease requirements.

To speak of, Price of 4K displayer and TV decline significantly in this year, Even so, now cheapest 28-inch 4K displayer still need $600(RMB 3687)
Not to mention a 5K displayer, According to the previous report, Famous displayer manufacturer DELL had launched a 5K displayer that is called Ultra Sharp 27 Ultra HD 5K. The price is $2499.99 (RMB 15364) and it will appear on the market in fourth quarter this year, but this 5k displayer launch for commercial grade user and don’t suit for general consumers. 

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