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[IFA 2014] GT Telecom's HiFi Sound Bluetooth Headset 'GBH- S500'

Professional mobile accessory producer GT Telecom (CEO Ju-Won Heo ,South Korea) unveiled the "GBH-S500," the HiFi Sound Bluetooth Headset at IFA, the world's leading trade show for consumer electronics and home appliances which takes place from September 05 to 10, 2014 in Berlin.

Bluetooth headset "GBH-S500" surpasses wire earphone as it assures premium Hi-Fi sound as its special feature.

Super-light unique Neckband design, vibration on incoming calls, and phone loss prevention mode are its additional special features. To be more specific, five EQ modes are available and the product supports Android App on App store. This has not been all explained, messaging, SNS, and incoming call functions and continuous firmware upgrade is also guaranteed.

GT Telecom is a professional mobile accessory producer and Samsung mobile development company at the same time. Specifically, related with Bluetooth products, the company has been focusing on this industry and strived to expand their markets to global arena.

Daegu Techno Park Mobile Commercial Center director Choi said, "For connecting our mobile and IT convergence related companies of small-and-medium size to foreign markets, our 10 companies decided to participate in IFA 2014 Berlin," and continued, "As we, Daegu Techno Park, assuredly confirmed strong confidence in our technology that could also glitter in foreign markets, we will give our full hearts and hands to pioneer markets through perse supportive means, and we truly hope our promising companies to succeed in global markets in future."

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