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LSTN's Encore headphone blends vintage looks with a feel-good factor

Let's back up a little. The idea behind LSTN is simple: you buy a nice sounding/looking pair of headphones, and money from that purchase goes toward helping others hear for the first time. LSTN may not be the only brand that gives to a good cause, but it's one of the few where its founders get so directly hands on with it. In fact, after our London meet, Bridget and Joe were heading to Uganda the next day to deliver hearing aids.

What about the Encore? In my opinon, easily the best in the range so far. The Troubadors (the previous flagship model) was a good mix of style, sound and comfort, but the Encore ramps things up a notch in every regard. I mentioned the design was LSTN's most striking, and it's true. Both previous models (the Troubador and Fillmore) had LSTN's trademark reclaimed wood detail, but the basic design didn't deviate too far from existing well known products. Encore's rectangular ear cups show a more contemporary side, still carry reclaimed ebony, but throw in a modern touch with open grilles flanking the wooden sections.

The Encore doesn't have too much in the way of additional features, there's no Bluetooth, or in-line remote, and the lightweight build might not be your cuppa if you prefer a weighty headset. But, if you're after a pair that don't have brash logos or a neon color set, LSTN is that.

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