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Samsung: Gear VR headset is not suitable for children

However, despite offering virtual reality gaming, large screen movie watching and immersive 360-degree experiences, the Korean manufacturer has told us the device is not suitable for use by children.

While motion sickness and disorientation are two ailments more commonly associated with virtual reality, Samsung’s concerns with the Gear VR lie elsewhere. For those of you who think staring at a screen that closely might not be good for your eyes, you're right.

Speaking with TrustedReviews, Namkung Boo, Samsung's Product Manager for Gear VR revealed that the headset should only be used in 30 minute bursts so as not to damage your eyes.

He said the company recommends taking breaks of at least five minutes after every half hour of continued usage in order to prevent eye strain.

Citing similar health concerns, he added that the Gear VR headset “is not recommended for use by children”. Pushed on where the company draws this line, Boo stated that those under the age of 13 should not use Gear VR.

As well as recommending that kids don’t don the headset, Samsung has revealed it removed features from the device in the interest of safety.

Despite the Gear VR acting as a serious drain on the Note 4’s battery, Samsung does not allow users to connect the handset to a power mains during use.

According to the company, it originally designed the Gear VR to be connected to a power outlet, but this was “removed for safety issues”.

Exactly what these safety issues were Samsung failed to say. We would guess, however, at overheating concerns.

The Note 4 utilising VR headset is set to launch later this year for a currently undisclosed fee.

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