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Samsung outs Level On wireless headphones

 The Level On Wireless is exactly what the name suggests: a wireless version of the on-ear headphones in the collection. A group of six built-in microphones offer active noise cancellation to keep those loud talkers from killing your vibe. There's also a touch pad on the the outside of one ear cup, handling controls for S Voice, play/pause and skipping tracks so you won't have to pick up your phone. You can also share whatever you're listening to with other Level devices, thanks to the Sound Sharing tool. After spending a few weeks with the initial lineup, the wired Level On cans were my favorite of the bunch, so this new option is a welcome addition.

Samsung says you can expect 11 hours of battery life with both Bluetooth and noise cancellation at work here, bumping to 23 hours if you opt for just the wireless connectivity. Unfortunately, there's no word on pricing or availability yet.

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