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The Even headphones make you feel better

The best headphones in the world don't mean much if the listener's hearing isn't up to the task. A great pair of cans could offer clear, balanced sound that highlights every little nuance in a song, but that means very little when pitted against decades of hearing loss. This frustrating situation for headphone manufacturers and music makers alike has led to the creation of headsets that customize themselves to suit your unique audio needs. The Even earbuds, available today, are the latest entry in this market, with an advantage of costing just under $100 -- comparable to many high-quality, nonpersonalized headsets.

While the Nura headphones I looked at last month used small microphones hidden inside their earbuds to "listen" to the shape of your ear, the team behind Even opted for a slightly old-fashioned approach: a hearing test, built right into the controls of the headset. Of course, the company doesn't call it a hearing test; the EarPrint technology is merely building you a sound profile that will make audio from the headphones sound better to you. You'll still need to go to a doctor to find out if your hearing is actually bad and whether you'll need a hearing aid.


Even co-founder and CEO Danny Aronson admits there's a stigma around the inability to hear well, though hearing loss is as common as bad eyesight. But we don't feel embarrassed to wear glasses, at least not in the way many do when forced to wear a hearing aid. The Even isn't going to solve that larger societal problem, but it does at least try 

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