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Traditional power outlet change a lot by USB PD

Traditional power outlet change a lot by USB PD

The shape of power outlet will have a substantial change, estimated the data communication interface of the digital device will become the core. The port of data communication interface will become the power outlet function, such as USB and Ethernet. The environment of using this port to transport electricity and data is more and more complete. 

Most people think that, the product support USB technical standard “USB Power Delivery Specification(USB PD)”(support 100W) released in 2014 at first. This Standard can improve the maximum bus power as 4.5W(0.9A/ 5V) to 20 times, finished by Standard organization on July,2012.The bus power refer to the power during data communication. 

The power levels of 40 inches monitor can be driven by 100W. Most of consumer products can be driven by USB PD in the future. “Type C”as a new connector standard support the USB PD mobile terminal already published,  first public tested by USB standard organization on April,2014.

The Opening size of Type C is smaller than “Micro”. The Max. transmission speed is 10Gbit/s,“USB3.1”. The USB DP Max. power supply is 60W.

Wiring become more simplify because of data and power sharing socket .

USB cable widely use as power cable . Some hotel and air port also add the USB port on the wall. More and more coffee shop also setting the  mobile terminal charging socket on table,it will be replaced by USB in the future.

Power outlet and information outlets will have a great impact to achieve universal. Because it is easy to instruct the environment which while charging while building a network between devices.

For example, the big monitor which driven by AC Adaptor can regard as HUB, using USB connect private computer, External Hard Drives, monitor and other equipments, become a network between device. The USB outlet also can use to driven TV, video equipment and game. Comparing with prepare a lot of power cable and data cable before, the quantity of cable reducing, wiring more and more simplify. It is really a good news for user.

Moreover, USB DP have one advantage, it allows the AC adaptor of mobile devices to achieve universal. Just one AC Adaptor, can drive the Smart phones, tablet PCs, and laptops, or charging for this device. People hope that can reduce the quantity of power adaptor by the increase of the Portable mobile terminal.

Change another port of power outlet

It is estimated that HEMS will be easy to build when USB and PD is popularized. it is not only easy for wireless HEMS but also for the  network among wired devices. we used specialized cables and connectors for wired communications before. now we only need cheap USB, it is a  big advantage.

Besides USB, Ethernet achieving high power step by step. According to Power Ethernet( POE) specification, Ethernet can Transceiver data and power supply. At present, widely use at the IP phone, CCTV and Access Point wireless LAN.

Moreover, there is “IEEE 802.3at( POE+), the power specification is the 30W. As our own specification, the technology of 100W powered already into a practical stage. As LTPOE, developed from UAS Linear Technology for example, the port of Supply terminal output 125W, the side of receiving can receive 90W power.

USA Cisco systems already developed UPOE( Universal POE) technology, and started to sell POE switchers. UPOE is a technology which can supply 60W-51W power.

POE technology may become the core technology of office-based BEMS( building energy management system. Take the Led light management for example. POE technology doesn’t only supply the power for the led light, but also control the brightness by sending signal. By this, the low power consumption system comes true. and it is helpful for IEE to formulate the standard of power over 30W technology.

As the USB and POE is widely used for high power supply. Soon the power of family or office will be changed to DC power accordingly. And more DC power will be in demand. So it is probably a big opportunity to change the current power grid.

In future, Ethernet will be more and more used in car LAN, factory LAN and railway LAN. Besides to supply power, it is estimated that Ethernet will play an important role in internet cloud and big data information management. So different power supply systems and information sending platforms will be more and more better.

To normal users, USB and Ethernet will bring them much convenience. With USB and Ethernet, They do not need to carry with every power supply standards any more when travelling overseas. USB and Ethernet will be widely used in our life in near future.

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