Condition of being VCOM distributors:
1.Provide the scanned registration certification of your company
2.With a certain awareness of market operation and brand spread , to actively develop the local market .
3.Agree the VCOM brand culture and its development direction, and maintain VCOM brand image.
4.Have not less than 5 sales or service team, independently operated store sales or other online and offline sales channels, and with a certain amount of cash flow and sales strength.
5.Agree and strictly comply with the Agent Cooperation Treaty
Right of Agents:
1.Have the rights of VCOM brand distribution
2.Enjoy VCOM promotion activities each quarter
3.Get free promotion gift;
4.Help important agents to build up the website and spread website;
5.Help important agents to set up the brand sales shop or area
6.Support agents to enter the local fair
The Obligation of Agents:
1.Sincerely treat every VCOM client and establish the first-class VCOM brand service image. Stop the cooperation once the word and actions that undermine the VCOM brand
2.Not allow tamper the important VCOM product information including text and graphics
3.Strictly comply with VCOM price specification
4.Guarantee the sold VCOM brand products as genuine
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Working Time:
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